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Thursday, August 28
  secret link
Okay fess up - how many of you have found the secret link on the front page of the website? go ahead and click around a bit and let me know if you do find it. You will have to pay attention to the page it takes you too - or you will miss it!!
Also for those of who haven't figured it out (which is everyone except ex Dukies) the icon with the skull is from 2000ad a British comic that I used to read specifically it is Gunnar from Rogue Trooper. answers to this weeks teaser will be coming next month - or send me an email if you find it and I'll let you know if you're right...

Oh and for those of you in America - have a good labor day weekend.

  New pictures
go and click on the new picture gallery and tell me what you think of it - I have the option to tweak it to fix it up if I so desire by changin the style sheet for it - but that will have to wait right now. - just let me know if you have any problems viewing the pictures with it - I really like the zoom buttons as I can put in big pics and you can zoom out if you want
Also let me know if you would want to 'subscribe' to updates on this blog that way when I make entries you should be sent an email - I just have to figure out how to automate it

Tuesday, August 26
  TechTV | How to Stop Sobig.F
Ok - I know someone out there has this, coz Rachelle has been receiving a bunch of returned mail from ISPs thinking she's been trying to send some of their users an executable file if you look at this link you will find out that she didn't send it - she's just in the senders address book. The link also tells you how to remove the virus if you have it yourselfthe moral of the story, stop using outlook and switch to Eudora or get off M$ windows (I know easier said than done ;-)

also whilst I'm here if your machine keeps rebooting then you have blaster - the fix for which is here

good luck and happy surfing!

Monday, August 25
  last weekend
Well we had an interesting weekend last week
We went up to Redding for Grandma Helen's funeral, and I got to meet Aunt Trish's "boys" Bill & Dapper, whom we go to hang out with a little on Fri nite and then sat morning before they had to shoot off back home for a wedding (they live in LA) Pastor Blue led the memorial service and I found out some stuff about Helen & The Lyon's family that I didn't know which was interesting.
Then on Sunday we got up & drove down to Fremont to meet up with the old clan down there. The big reason being that the Vialls were visiting from Washington, and we couldn't pass that up. so we got to meet Hunter (their boy) for the first time which was fun, of course for most of them down there they hadn't seen Ethan since he was Jamin's age - so they told us how when they saw Jamin they were thinking "well Ethan looks the same - but were's the new baby?". It's funny how you forget that they grow so much in a year unless you consciously think about it.

Friday, August 22
  Sobig sucks
well to the best of my knowledge I haven't been infected by this - but I have been affected. I guess my companies head office had a big problem with it so they shut down all the email ports - to everything except lotus notes (the company mail software) which means I can no longer use the despamming software I bought last month. I had it set up to pop my accounts once an hour and delete anything which didn't pass it's spam filters - it worked really well too. but now that port 110 is shut I can't use it any longer, so it was a bit of a waste of money really >:-( oh well - I guess I can install it at home and have it run as a proxy back to Eudora - still it's a little annoying.

  What wonderful weather
Wow we have had the weirdest weather the last 24 hours it's been chucking it down on & off - we even had a couple of powercuts at work in the last 2 days - which of course has eaten into my day. It's just been a strange summer I guess - Europe in the 100's and all. Rachelle has been enjoying the rain - she really likes the smell afterwards. The dogs on the otherhand have been scared witless, we had to let them stay inside last night, and now Josie has figured out how to open the laundry room door as well!! Tonight we head off for Reading as we have Grandma Helen's funeral tomorrow

Wednesday, August 20
  High School Group starts again
For those of you who don't know, I have been helping out as a "leader" :-P with the High school youth group at our Church. Well School is back in so the regular wednesday night sessions are starting again only something new and exciting is happening for us. Rachelle is going to join in too. We tried it before we had Jamin and it was a disaster as Ethan would be falling apart by the end of it (9pm). It would then take the whole week to get him on schedule again!!
Rachelle has spent the summer doing a bible study with some of the girls from the group, and so now feels that she has a little more in common with them, and that she would like to try it again.
With prayer we hope the boys will cope with this late night out, and that Rachelle & I will get the opportunity to serve together again.

Monday, August 18
  Tahoe Trip

We're Back!!
Rachelle & I got to go to Tahoe without the kids this weekend, and Grandma and Poppa got to baby sit

We really didn't plan it that well so we paid thru the nose for accommodation - well I guess in Tahoe you always pay thru the nose!! We spent it getting up late (no kids waking us up at 5am) doing stuff without having to plan round naps or food, and as you can see from the picture going for a bike ride.
The ride was fun for us, although we had all sorts of fun trying to find the path the first time out. So we gave up and came back to the truck for lunch, which we took out to fallen leaf lake. We then tried again and this time found and stayed with the single track all the way round.
It wasn't so much that the track couldn't be seen, it was just trying to differentiate between the actual bike path and all the others which we didn't want to get on was hard!!
Then Sat night we went out for dinner and a movie - after almost driving to Reno as we had only booked for one night at our hotel (we didn't know how long the babysitters would survive!!). We saw Seabiscuit which was great, as it was fun to see a movie were the horse was part of it rather than the extra you lie behind in a gun fight. We definitely recommend it. BTW have you noticed how much more like his brother Beau, Jeff Bridges is looking


  Website updates

2 new pages are up one has the french family reunion

the other has our weekend away to Tahoe

Thursday, August 14
  finished our home page
well I think I am done on the rearranging the home page - so let me know if you don't like it - or how to improve it.
This is especially true for those of you who don't use internet explorer as that is all I have tested it on

Wednesday, August 13
  the beginning of the end of stale data?
Wada-ya-know : I decided to start a blog to see if that would keep our site a little fresher - and faster as I was wasting way too much time on coding HTML in notepad. I kinda like doing it that way (raw HTML) and it keeps the site clean as I don't want to add too much stuff and have it too whizzbang. Mainly because as an owner of 12k dial-up, I appreciate peoples bandwidth problems.
I am working on how to put this in the site so it looks good - so please excuse the development time!!
Anyhoo without waffling any longer here you go.

PS - bonus points if you know where this icon is from - double points if you know who it is!!

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