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Monday, August 18
  Tahoe Trip

We're Back!!
Rachelle & I got to go to Tahoe without the kids this weekend, and Grandma and Poppa got to baby sit

We really didn't plan it that well so we paid thru the nose for accommodation - well I guess in Tahoe you always pay thru the nose!! We spent it getting up late (no kids waking us up at 5am) doing stuff without having to plan round naps or food, and as you can see from the picture going for a bike ride.
The ride was fun for us, although we had all sorts of fun trying to find the path the first time out. So we gave up and came back to the truck for lunch, which we took out to fallen leaf lake. We then tried again and this time found and stayed with the single track all the way round.
It wasn't so much that the track couldn't be seen, it was just trying to differentiate between the actual bike path and all the others which we didn't want to get on was hard!!
Then Sat night we went out for dinner and a movie - after almost driving to Reno as we had only booked for one night at our hotel (we didn't know how long the babysitters would survive!!). We saw Seabiscuit which was great, as it was fun to see a movie were the horse was part of it rather than the extra you lie behind in a gun fight. We definitely recommend it. BTW have you noticed how much more like his brother Beau, Jeff Bridges is looking


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