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Monday, August 25
  last weekend
Well we had an interesting weekend last week
We went up to Redding for Grandma Helen's funeral, and I got to meet Aunt Trish's "boys" Bill & Dapper, whom we go to hang out with a little on Fri nite and then sat morning before they had to shoot off back home for a wedding (they live in LA) Pastor Blue led the memorial service and I found out some stuff about Helen & The Lyon's family that I didn't know which was interesting.
Then on Sunday we got up & drove down to Fremont to meet up with the old clan down there. The big reason being that the Vialls were visiting from Washington, and we couldn't pass that up. so we got to meet Hunter (their boy) for the first time which was fun, of course for most of them down there they hadn't seen Ethan since he was Jamin's age - so they told us how when they saw Jamin they were thinking "well Ethan looks the same - but were's the new baby?". It's funny how you forget that they grow so much in a year unless you consciously think about it.

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