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Wednesday, August 20
  High School Group starts again
For those of you who don't know, I have been helping out as a "leader" :-P with the High school youth group at our Church. Well School is back in so the regular wednesday night sessions are starting again only something new and exciting is happening for us. Rachelle is going to join in too. We tried it before we had Jamin and it was a disaster as Ethan would be falling apart by the end of it (9pm). It would then take the whole week to get him on schedule again!!
Rachelle has spent the summer doing a bible study with some of the girls from the group, and so now feels that she has a little more in common with them, and that she would like to try it again.
With prayer we hope the boys will cope with this late night out, and that Rachelle & I will get the opportunity to serve together again.

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