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Tuesday, September 30
  Ethan's Birthday pix
Ethan's birthday party

sorry about that - if you tried going to the link I sent yesterday it wont work as it's now moved to the above

Monday, September 29
  Ethan's Birthday Party Weekend - & server space!
Well we had Ethan's Birthday party last weekend and I would say it went very well. I don't have the pictures up yet - but will do as soon as I can - definitely before the end of the week. Although without major cuts I will probably run out of room on the server!! Talking of servers does anyone roll there own and have some space I could use - hey I would even buy you a new harddrive for the space if you kept it up for me. I ask as most hosting services are still commercial in their bias (small site lots of bandwidth) for instance mine is 20Mb of space & 1Gb bandwidth per month, I'd almost rather have the opposite as the most bandwidth I have used in a month is 60Mb but 20mb space is frustrating as I am always having to delete stuff. I am paid thru till next june though so I really don't want to have to cancel this service - and all the associated grief of moving dns redoing email stuff etc etc.
Anyhow back on topic Ethan had lots of fun and got lots of Thomas stuff which he is having fun playing with - so now I have to build/buy him a table to play with it on - preferably that he can reach - but that his brother can't otherwise there is going to be anger in the S-L household ;-)
Ethan even called his Godfather in SA over the weekend - and then had a severe case of phone shyness and wouldn't speak to him, that and he was too busy playing with his new train set. His dad is of course trying his best to not take over this train set that he got, unlike certain other parental figures did with their sons lego train set - you know who you are!!
More to follow - when I get the chance.

Friday, September 26
  Trillian Discussion Forums
Trillian Discussion Forums

for those of you like me who use trillian - the following may be useful.

On Thursday, Yahoo changed their protocol in an effort to prevent spammers. As a result, Trillian's connectivity is also affected. You may get a crash in Yahoo.dll or an Invalid Login error when connecting to the Yahoo Messenger network. Cerulean Studios is working on a solution for this problem and will post an update here when a fix is available.
If Trillian crashes when you load it, preventing you from shutting off your Yahoo autoconnect, follow these steps:

Close Trillian. Locate your Yahoo.ini file. Press Windows-F or click your Start Button then Search -> All files and folders -> Yahoo.ini. If you can't find it this way, look in C:\Program Files\Trillian\Users\Default or the Trillian Settings directory under your current user's C:\Documents and Settings folder.

Edit the file by double-clicking or opening it in Notepad. Replace all occurences of "auto connect=1" with "auto connect=0" and save the file. Now reload Trillian and it won't try to autoconnect to Yahoo, which causes the crash.

We will post an update as soon as one is available.


Cerulean Studios

Thursday, September 25
  The Svendsen's visit
I have up pictures of the Svendsen's coming to visit

Friday, September 19
  chat's with Stan
Just finished chatting with Stan a guy that I went to school with - although technically when I was at school he was a sixth former so he really didn't have much to do with me!! I was however in the same year as his brother Mark.
It was a good chat and reminded me how much I am out of the loop back home! And how all of my friends over here are Christian, but 99% of my friends back in the old country aren't. It was a challenge to what I believe in, not so much from the justifying it point of view - more the what exactly do I believe and why. I managed to get in one quote While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. although at the time I couldn't remember where it was >:-(

I don't really have a conclusion to this - even in my own mind - so I'll keep thinking about it off and on I am sure (probably more off than on knowing me)
Anyway it was fun and maybe I will be able to explain to him why "what's good for you isn't necessarily right for me" isn't true. - a little deep & difficult to do on IM especially as Stan types way faster than me - I just can't get stuff down quick enough!! Advice and/or prayers on the subject would be appreciated.

Monday, September 15
  more gallery stuff
Today I added a counter to the site - it counts each time each picture in the gallery is viewed - and it actually worked first time!!! it also means that I now have a mySQL database on the site - which was exciting for me at least ;-). hopefully it will allow me to see which pictures are popular and leave them up and pull the ones that don't get viewed down. I am guessing the counts will probably go up quickly when I announce the pictures and then will completely fall off - but you never know, I have been known to be wrong before ;-).

Friday, September 12
    You made me; you created me.
        Now give me the sense to follow your commands.

(emphasis mine)

   Maybe it's just me, but when reading this morning this really stood out to me as being a great quote - at least in the new living translation it is. In the King James and New international version it's just a little more tame as they both talk of learning your commands - rather than having the sense to follow them as in the NLT. Just thought you guys would appreciate what catches my eye

Thursday, September 11
  More pics
well as I get more pictures done they are going up in the new album - it's still not super fast - but I can add later with greater ease and I can do subdirectories more easily.
Also don't forget that all new pictures will be added to here and if you are wondering why everything is showing up as new - it is because I have it set at 3 weeks - and everything in the new gallery is less than 3 weeks old (in its posting)

Finally all of you on the website update list are going to be added to the new blog entry list - if you don't want it this way then let me know! and I will take you out of either or both. Also - do you have someone who would like to be added to the lists then let me know! too!!

Wednesday, September 10
  the Summer Holiday gallery
here are our Summer holiday pictures go check them out

Monday, September 8
  back to work :-(
Well - in case you didn't know we took last week off and went to mendocino county and stayed at a Christian retreat centre near Albion (about 1/2 hr south of Mendocino). It was a loooooong but fun week - just coz sleeping in a cabin with the 2 boys not on the same schedule and waking each other up was exhausting. we both decided it was definitely a kids holiday rather than a holiday for us - by wed I suggested to Rachelle only half jokingly - can we get a baby sitter for Sat to come and get the boys and we will just nap for the whole day!! I will get posted the pictures that we took - we have plenty of them - but you will have to wait till later in the week. In the meantime, just know we are back in town and that both of the boys loved the beach - Ethan coz of the water, and Jamin coz of the sand - as you will see later when the pictures go up.

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