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Monday, September 8
  back to work :-(
Well - in case you didn't know we took last week off and went to mendocino county and stayed at a Christian retreat centre near Albion (about 1/2 hr south of Mendocino). It was a loooooong but fun week - just coz sleeping in a cabin with the 2 boys not on the same schedule and waking each other up was exhausting. we both decided it was definitely a kids holiday rather than a holiday for us - by wed I suggested to Rachelle only half jokingly - can we get a baby sitter for Sat to come and get the boys and we will just nap for the whole day!! I will get posted the pictures that we took - we have plenty of them - but you will have to wait till later in the week. In the meantime, just know we are back in town and that both of the boys loved the beach - Ethan coz of the water, and Jamin coz of the sand - as you will see later when the pictures go up.

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