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Friday, September 19
  chat's with Stan
Just finished chatting with Stan a guy that I went to school with - although technically when I was at school he was a sixth former so he really didn't have much to do with me!! I was however in the same year as his brother Mark.
It was a good chat and reminded me how much I am out of the loop back home! And how all of my friends over here are Christian, but 99% of my friends back in the old country aren't. It was a challenge to what I believe in, not so much from the justifying it point of view - more the what exactly do I believe and why. I managed to get in one quote While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. although at the time I couldn't remember where it was >:-(

I don't really have a conclusion to this - even in my own mind - so I'll keep thinking about it off and on I am sure (probably more off than on knowing me)
Anyway it was fun and maybe I will be able to explain to him why "what's good for you isn't necessarily right for me" isn't true. - a little deep & difficult to do on IM especially as Stan types way faster than me - I just can't get stuff down quick enough!! Advice and/or prayers on the subject would be appreciated.

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