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Monday, September 29
  Ethan's Birthday Party Weekend - & server space!
Well we had Ethan's Birthday party last weekend and I would say it went very well. I don't have the pictures up yet - but will do as soon as I can - definitely before the end of the week. Although without major cuts I will probably run out of room on the server!! Talking of servers does anyone roll there own and have some space I could use - hey I would even buy you a new harddrive for the space if you kept it up for me. I ask as most hosting services are still commercial in their bias (small site lots of bandwidth) for instance mine is 20Mb of space & 1Gb bandwidth per month, I'd almost rather have the opposite as the most bandwidth I have used in a month is 60Mb but 20mb space is frustrating as I am always having to delete stuff. I am paid thru till next june though so I really don't want to have to cancel this service - and all the associated grief of moving dns redoing email stuff etc etc.
Anyhow back on topic Ethan had lots of fun and got lots of Thomas stuff which he is having fun playing with - so now I have to build/buy him a table to play with it on - preferably that he can reach - but that his brother can't otherwise there is going to be anger in the S-L household ;-)
Ethan even called his Godfather in SA over the weekend - and then had a severe case of phone shyness and wouldn't speak to him, that and he was too busy playing with his new train set. His dad is of course trying his best to not take over this train set that he got, unlike certain other parental figures did with their sons lego train set - you know who you are!!
More to follow - when I get the chance.

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