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Wednesday, October 29
  WooHoo - we've got another walker
Just got off the phone with Rachelle - Jamin took his first steps today. We draw the line at more than three steps in a row for it to qualify as walking so today he managed half a dozen and officially makes it into the books 23 days ahead of his brother (who did it the day after his 1st birthday).

Tuesday, October 28
  Weekend with the Lads
Well the boys and me got to have a weekend together last Saturday as Rachelle had gone down to Fremont to visit friends who were having a baby shower. I had all sorts of great plans for us including a picnic at the park!
Well "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry...." we were on our way out of the door when Ethan barfed on the kitchen floor (which at least made it easy to clean up! ;-) Having said that trying to pull Ethan's clothes off whilst wiping the floor and trying to stop Jamin crawling though it as they were both crying was a new definition of the word easy!!
so we stayed home as he felt a little sorry for himself - understandably so, it has to be said.
Then Ethan didn't want to nap - so I couldn't get any work done on my "Honey-do" list
Then whilst making supper Jamin threw up too (again in the kitchen) At this point I was starting to consider giving up parenting as I had managed to break 2 kids in only 10 hours since their mother had left the house!! I then called one of Rachelle's friends Sheri (thanks for the advice Sheri - you rock) to see what I should do next (didn't want to mess up a fun evening for my wife and/or look totally useless as a father ;-)
We managed to go to church Sunday morning, as both of them seemed perky when they woke up at 5:30 (the clocks had gone back over night - not that I got to sleep in ;-)
Church was fun - and Ethan got to sing twice which he liked once in Big church with Daddy, and then again at the new kids worship they were doing for 1st service Sunday school. However neither of them had lunch really, and we ended up watching the "Horse Movie" for about the 4th time that weekend. fortunately both managed naps and so I managed to clean up a little of the house before Rachelle came home.
Anyway the weekend was a bit of a disaster the only good point being that I spent an hour or so playing with both of them after supper before their mother got home and that was fun.

Thursday, October 16
  Zoe Hawksworth Pix
There are new pictures of Zoe up here. Its got to be said she is pretty darn cute!

Friday, October 10
  vote for the game you want to see
Ok if you want to come and see a game then vote on the home page for the one you are interested in - as new games become available later I will remove the unpopular ones and replace them.
for example I am guessing there should be a better game than England v Georgia - but the listings just don't show it yet.

  Rugby World Cup
Yay It's on again - and this time armed with a PVR and Satellite TV I get to watch it from my own sofa at a sensible time of the day (knowing that there is no one at work who even knows it's going on to be able to spoil it for me by discussing the results!!)
Of course the bummer is that I have no one to watch it with :..(

Thursday, October 9
  What's Happenin @ the Lazy TnR
Well we got our first border - she called Cherry pie & so far Max & Peppy are still being stupid about her. (lots of banging around in the stalls at night) However I'm pretty sure that it will all blow over so no worries there. This means Rachelle has finally started dealin' to pay for her (horse) habit!!
Jamin seems to always be cutting new teeth - and so has really not slept that great for a while if only he would sleep until 7 it would make so much difference - it seems that last hour makes such a huge difference to everyones happiness for the rest of the day.
Last night a youth group we had a girl come to accept Jesus as the Lord of her life


that was very cool - and I am very excited for her, I just pray that we give her all the support that she needs and that God will continue to bless her and encourage her in her Christian walk.
and finally we got Ethan a table to set up his train set on - it was probably one of the better screaming deals that I've got on ebay Rachelle was telling me that the tables at the stores go for $150 or more so getting this for only $33+$7 delivery was a steal! I'll set it up for him tonight and we will see what he thinks of it then.

  newsworthy news
Hmmm probably a misleading Title for this post - I just couldn't think of a better one. I guess the big stuff is Arnold is now governer - which as far as I am concerned is great - but only because that means my vehicle tax won't go up and more importantly I won't get any more calls from Bill Clinton and Al gore on my cell phone telling me to vote no on the recall. I'm so annoyed by that getting to pay for the privaledge to be told by people I don't respect to go and do something that I can't do

ok it's out of my system now - if you are curious I probably would have voted for Tom McClintock if I was a citizen, mainly because He was the only one (of the major contenders) that they couldn't find dirt on. Interestingly enough even though It was mainly the Christian right wing that was pushing him I spoke to quite a few liberals who voted for him in preference to Cruz Bustamante, and Grey Davis because of this fact - I guess Californians want someone who is going to be honest!! Hey even those who voted for Arnold did so coz he admitted to stuff when accused of it rather than covering it up! lets just pray he can actually do something to our economy and get growth happening again - I guess we will just have to wait and see!

  Trillian Patch
for those of you who care the new patch for Trillian which allows you to connect to Yahoo again is out and can be Downloaded here

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