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Thursday, October 9
  What's Happenin @ the Lazy TnR
Well we got our first border - she called Cherry pie & so far Max & Peppy are still being stupid about her. (lots of banging around in the stalls at night) However I'm pretty sure that it will all blow over so no worries there. This means Rachelle has finally started dealin' to pay for her (horse) habit!!
Jamin seems to always be cutting new teeth - and so has really not slept that great for a while if only he would sleep until 7 it would make so much difference - it seems that last hour makes such a huge difference to everyones happiness for the rest of the day.
Last night a youth group we had a girl come to accept Jesus as the Lord of her life


that was very cool - and I am very excited for her, I just pray that we give her all the support that she needs and that God will continue to bless her and encourage her in her Christian walk.
and finally we got Ethan a table to set up his train set on - it was probably one of the better screaming deals that I've got on ebay Rachelle was telling me that the tables at the stores go for $150 or more so getting this for only $33+$7 delivery was a steal! I'll set it up for him tonight and we will see what he thinks of it then.

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