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Thursday, October 9
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Hmmm probably a misleading Title for this post - I just couldn't think of a better one. I guess the big stuff is Arnold is now governer - which as far as I am concerned is great - but only because that means my vehicle tax won't go up and more importantly I won't get any more calls from Bill Clinton and Al gore on my cell phone telling me to vote no on the recall. I'm so annoyed by that getting to pay for the privaledge to be told by people I don't respect to go and do something that I can't do

ok it's out of my system now - if you are curious I probably would have voted for Tom McClintock if I was a citizen, mainly because He was the only one (of the major contenders) that they couldn't find dirt on. Interestingly enough even though It was mainly the Christian right wing that was pushing him I spoke to quite a few liberals who voted for him in preference to Cruz Bustamante, and Grey Davis because of this fact - I guess Californians want someone who is going to be honest!! Hey even those who voted for Arnold did so coz he admitted to stuff when accused of it rather than covering it up! lets just pray he can actually do something to our economy and get growth happening again - I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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