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Monday, September 25
  Visiting Aiden
I got to go and see Aiden Harvett last week, only for a few hours mind you but it was worth it (and the drive wasn't as killer as I had expected due to a severe lack of traffic!). It is very cool to see the last of our group (Gavin & Christina) as parents, they seem to be handling it well, and Christina didn't look anywhere near as tired as she had done when Rachelle visited.

Wednesday, September 13
  Starbucks Baristas Outraged That Customers Have Wised Up - Consumerist
"Starbuck's smug distributors of sweet, caffeinated crude are outraged after their customers have learned to save a couple bucks on an iced espresso.

It works like this. At Starbucks, three shots of expresso over ice will set you back a couple bucks. If you want it as an iced espresso latte, though, the milk will cost you $3.50.

So what are people doing? Just ordering the former and filling up with milk from the side bar.

Makes sense to me, but Starbucks barrista's are exploding into vapor clouds of spittle over it. Claimed one Barista, "You're being cheap... I'll bet you didn't ask for a discount on that Louis Vuitton purse or those ugly highlights." A coffee shop manager of another chain said of the baristas' hysteria: "No one wants to be taken advantage of... the baristas get offended."

Yeah, that's right. No one likes to be taken advantage of. Like, for example, paying an extra 2 bucks for 5 cents worth of milk."

Baristas are having a cow over dairy "thefts"
[Seattle Times]

Via Consumerist

Tuesday, September 12
  Ethan's first football match

Last Saturday Ethan had his first football/soccer match it was very interesting to watch him play, here's what we learnt:

1. He is very competitive, pushing everyone (including his teammates) out of the way to get to the ball.
2. He is very athletic (he can out pace most of his peers)
3. He can be very whiny (he almost cried at the end of the game because he didn't score the last goal, his teammate Bryce did)
4. He's good! (he got 5 goals which is 5 more than I ever scored!)

His only problem is lack of skill, he'll get away from the pack with the ball but then not concentrate on shooting. This will result in a great leap up the wing with the ball, followed by a goal kick for the other team as he "shoots" straight off the end of the pitch instead of bringing it into the middle & shooting for the goal.

You may have noticed the lack of a goalie - this is done intentionally at his age as they play 3 on 3 I must admit looking back this is way more effective than when I played at his age with 20 kids in a big huddle around the ball slowly oscillating around the pitch, whilst 2 others stand at each end watching.

As his Dad I need to work on:
1. His teamwork: If he played with Bryce instead of competing against him they could kick butt!
2. His attitude: I really need to encourage him that 5 goals is great and that he should be very happy with that. I also need to teach him that he doesn't need to go through everyone who gets in his way.
3. Stopping the ball, one of his opponents ran down and stopped a ball before turning and taking it up the field, If I can get Ethan to stop and cross the ball he could score twice as many goals.

Finally for those of you who know me from my youth, you are right he inherited none of these skills from me. ;-) He gets it all from his mother

Wednesday, September 6
  Sean & Melody's Wedding

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