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Wednesday, September 13
  Starbucks Baristas Outraged That Customers Have Wised Up - Consumerist
"Starbuck's smug distributors of sweet, caffeinated crude are outraged after their customers have learned to save a couple bucks on an iced espresso.

It works like this. At Starbucks, three shots of expresso over ice will set you back a couple bucks. If you want it as an iced espresso latte, though, the milk will cost you $3.50.

So what are people doing? Just ordering the former and filling up with milk from the side bar.

Makes sense to me, but Starbucks barrista's are exploding into vapor clouds of spittle over it. Claimed one Barista, "You're being cheap... I'll bet you didn't ask for a discount on that Louis Vuitton purse or those ugly highlights." A coffee shop manager of another chain said of the baristas' hysteria: "No one wants to be taken advantage of... the baristas get offended."

Yeah, that's right. No one likes to be taken advantage of. Like, for example, paying an extra 2 bucks for 5 cents worth of milk."

Baristas are having a cow over dairy "thefts"
[Seattle Times]

Via Consumerist

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