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Monday, May 23
  White Water Rafting
Go here to see Jon Tim & Zoe white water rafting down the South fork of the American river. Remember to leave your comments if appropriate :-).

Monday, May 16
  heard a good sermon this weekend
We went to Neighborhood Church of Redding this weekend as we were up visiting Papa & Grandma. Pastor Bill Giovannetti of Neighbourhood Church gave a sermon on the Prodigal Son This is a well known text but I thought he had some interesting insights on it. It also appealed because I know a few people who are holding back from a relationship with God for the Same reason the son did. click on the link to listen to it (or right click to download it). maybe by the time you go there they will have the text for it (its the first rags to riches sermon).

Thursday, May 12
  Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatar
added a new feature to the commenting service so that you can have an icon appear next to your comments. If you don't register you get the default neckless man.

If you don't know what I am talking about visit Lazy T&R updates and make a comment and you will see what I mean.

On an unrelated note I guess I should fill you all in on Dad, Jon & Zoe's visit, and try and beat them into uploading to the website the pictures that they took whilst they were here.

Wednesday, May 11
  Visited Countries
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  Ethan's news
Ethan called me at work yesterday to tell me that he had learnt to ride his bike

Woo & Hoo

Rachelle (on her twisted ankle from Monday nights football/soccer game) had taken off his training wheels and got him going by himself.

I got a demo as soon as I got home from work - it was very exciting.

I did get to make a small amount of input though as he had been unable to start by himself. So I showed him how to lift up his right pedal and then stamp down on it to get started.

so far only a couple of minor injuries when he wasn't paying attention and hit the end of his handle bars on a post, thus launching himself over them as they flipped 90 degrees. :..(

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