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Friday, April 30
  DVD Writer Group Test
want a dvd burner - check this head to head out at
TrustedReviews. It covers some of the better known ones out there - although I haven't been able to find them at the price quoted - I can now buy a dvd +-RW for less than I paid for my cd-rw last year!!

Thursday, April 29
  new pictures
new pictures of Jaya

and of Daisha

Wednesday, April 28
  Stubborn & faithless people
In the ongoing parallel gospel study - I hit this these passages about a demon possessed boy. the thing that really hit me this time was about us being stubborn & faithless people it just stuck out to me because it shows how just like a real Dad gets irritated by his kids doing stupid things so does God with us. The thing is sometimes we need to be shouted at to realise we are doing something wrong rather than just being molly-coddled all the time. If you read the verse out of context - it would look like Jesus was really looking forward to leaving us!!
I really like verses like this because it shows how real Jesus is, as a person - not the namby-pamby wimp that he was often portrayed as, to me as a child. Another one that I like is when he throws the money lenders out of the temple - but you will have to find that one for yourselves!! As usual these are my opinions - and I by no means claim to have inside knowledge on God and what his views are beyond what I read for myself in His word. I would however love to hear your opinions on the matter. especially if you think I am missing something obvious or I am totally barking up the wrong tree!!

Friday, April 23
  CEIVA Sender Upload Tool
okay all you people with digital camera who haven't been keeping G up to date - you no longer have an excuse download the CEIVA Sender Upload Tool and use it to edit (including cropping, red-eye, and text anywhere in any font you have) and send pictures to GG's frame - it's dead easy to use and way faster than online. So get ready to impress her with all your pictures. By the way this is a windows only tool.

  Text anyone
do you want to text someone in the states - have their cell number - but have no idea who their provider is? then you need to use
Teleflip this service forwards any email to the numbers respective service - ie put in the 10 digit and it will go to their cell - just remember texting is limited to 160 characters - so don't get carried away!

Wednesday, April 21
  Audio Codec Quality Shootout
do you listen to your music compressed? if so Extremetechs Audio Codec Quality Shootout may interest you. They have reviews on the quaility of some of the more popular formats and their quality - I was planning on going all ogg but according to this I may have to rethink that!!

Tuesday, April 20
  Glimpse inside the virtual church
the BBC has an article about a new virtual church being run by the Ship of fools website you can read about it but you will have to wait till May before you can attend. What do you think of this? I know that GG (Rachelle's grandma) would love it from the point of view that actually going to church takes way too much out of her - but to be Honest I don't see her using it as it would be way to technical for her. Keeping her ceiva running is complicated enough. However I do see its potential for other people who can't or won't go to church. What do you think?

Friday, April 16
  Build It: Small Form Factor PC, Part I & part II
Build It: Small Form Factor PC, Part I
Build It: Small Form Factor PC, Part II

Thursday, April 15
  Welcome to Zedge - Your mobile portal!
As you may have noticed we got new phones - so now I'm looking for free stuff to put on them - found this site which allows you to download to your PC and then transfer from there - saves on WAP fees - to be honest I haven't signed up yet to try it - but I'll let you know when I do.


free themes on deviant art
(no subscription req)
- but I couldn't get this to work in IE??

Wednesday, April 14
  Tom's Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo
Migrating From Windows To Linux: Part 2 - Introduction this is the next article following up the one I posted previously

Tuesday, April 13
  $14 Steadycam
feed up with those shaky movies, bugged that shooting from a kids point of view isn't exactly painless - then maybe you should consider a $14 Steadycam. This guy designed & built this and judging by his examples it can work pretty well - the other advantage of this is that it will keep your finger off the zoom button - another big contributor to sea sickness when watching home movies!!

Friday, April 9
  Shootout at Blackwater
This is cool - in a teenage high powered weapon kinda way - reminds me of how I was when I was in high school. In reality it's sad how much time effort and money we put into being able to kill each other

the HIWS video is pretty funny

Thursday, April 8
  Rebecca Myers

Tuesday, April 6
  More Pictures of Daisha
visit The Cousins @ for links to the pictures or go directly there by clicking the picture.

  For the person who has everything
Have you bought everything you could think of (Bill Gates?) bet you don't have one of these a Eurotunnel TBM - if they had started the bidding on the 1st - no one would have believed them!!

Monday, April 5
  Daisha Ellen Beck
visit The Cousins @ for links to the first pictures or go directly here.

Thursday, April 1
  Zoe Hawksworth
I got some new pictures of Zoe yesterday from Great Aunt Jen check them out by using the link

  New Cousin
Matt & Marie had their new baby (Daisha) details will follow (when I get them ;-))

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