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Wednesday, April 28
  Stubborn & faithless people
In the ongoing parallel gospel study - I hit this these passages about a demon possessed boy. the thing that really hit me this time was about us being stubborn & faithless people it just stuck out to me because it shows how just like a real Dad gets irritated by his kids doing stupid things so does God with us. The thing is sometimes we need to be shouted at to realise we are doing something wrong rather than just being molly-coddled all the time. If you read the verse out of context - it would look like Jesus was really looking forward to leaving us!!
I really like verses like this because it shows how real Jesus is, as a person - not the namby-pamby wimp that he was often portrayed as, to me as a child. Another one that I like is when he throws the money lenders out of the temple - but you will have to find that one for yourselves!! As usual these are my opinions - and I by no means claim to have inside knowledge on God and what his views are beyond what I read for myself in His word. I would however love to hear your opinions on the matter. especially if you think I am missing something obvious or I am totally barking up the wrong tree!!

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