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Friday, June 8
  2007-06-08 Oceanside Beach

On our last day in Oceanside we went to the beach right behind where we were staying and Melissa and her family came up to join us. I had just bought ethan a boogie board so he got to try it out andcaught a couple of good waves, unfortunately the break was kinda short so it was hard to time and he ended up getting frustrated with it. We did however get a couple of good rides in before he quit so things ended on a happy note. If you are wondering why I took so many photos of the kids it was mainly because of the cat herding effect, it took so long to get them all in one place at the same time that I shot most of them whilst laughing at Rachelle trying to get them all in one spot.

Cat herding

Ethan Catches a wave.

Elizabeth plays her favourite bounce on Mummy game.

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