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Monday, March 26
Last night Rachelle & I went to see Delirious Rebecca St James & Vicky Beeching at capital Christian Centre It was great fun, and the first Christian Concert that I have been to! It ended up inspiring this itunes roulette on "rain" after Delirious played "rain down".

tracks in playlist, average track length: 5:05

Playlist length: 1 hour 31 minutes 33 seconds

Playlist files:

    1. 10 Artist: A-Ha Album: Hunting High And Low Song: Here I Stand And Face The Rain (4:30)

    2. 06 Artist: Chris LeDoux Album: American Cowboy (2 of 3) Song: Running Through the Rain (3:38)

    3. 07 Artist: Chris LeDoux Album: Wild & Wooly Song: Running Through the Rain (3:26)

    4. 10 Artist: Chris Tomlin Album: See The Morning Song: Let Your Mercy Rain (4:42)

    5. 09 Artist: Del Amitri Album: Waking Hours Song: Hatful Of Rain (5:01)

    6. 05 Artist: Eurythmics Album: Greatest Hits Song: Here Comes The Rain Again (5:01)

    7. 07 Artist: Gaither Vocal Band Album: Everything Good Song: When the Rains Come (5:25)

    8. 08 Artist: MercyMe Album: Coming Up To Breathe Song: Bring The Rain (5:30)

    9. 09 Artist: Michael English Album: Michael English Song: Love Won't Leave You (Out In The Rain) (4:55)

    10. Artist: Michael English Album: CMR 128k Song: Love Won't Leave You (Out In The Rain) (4:41)

    11. 02 Artist: Michael W. Smith Album: Healing Rain Song: Healing Rain (4:59)

    12. Artist: Michael W. Smith Album: Gospel Lighthouse Radio Station Song: Let It Rain (5:14)

    13. 01 Artist: Peter Gabriel Album: So Song: Red Rain (5:39)

    14. 05 Artist: Phil Driscoll Album: Make Us One Song: Cool Rain (4:17)

    15. 10 Artist: Third Day Album: Come Together Song: When The Rain Comes (2:55)

    16. Artist: Todd Agnew Album: Christian Gaming Network SonofThunder's Storm Song: Wait For Your Rain (14:59)

    17. Artist: Todd Agnew Album: Christian Rock and Metal LIVE Song: Grace Like Rain (4:00)

    18. 03 Artist: Wild Mood Swings Album: Apathy in Am Song: English Summer Rain (Single Version) (2:41)

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