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Monday, June 19
  fun but useless
Here are some things that I have found in my wanderings that seem fun but useless - or maybe not.....

Catchy�Colors Colr Pickr This lets you pick a colour any colour, and then finds you pictures on flickr in which that colour predominates.

LEDMeter This is a project which lets you drive LEDs from your parallel port. Why do I want this you may ask - well at work I run 3 machines at the same time and when I start a compile on one I usually flip to another to get something else done - I have always wanted something which would let me know when the 1st machine is done, this project would let me monitor process activity and maybe I could get it to trigger on the system idle process going over 50% - thus indicating my compile is done - why trigger on the idle process you may ask? Well when doing FPGA designs in ISE the compile chain involves about 6 different processes, so rather than monitoring each one of those I could just monitor the one that will only increase once they are all done :-)

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