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Monday, September 27
  Ethan's Birthday trip to Marine World

For Ethan's fourth birthday we took him to Marine world where he always enjoys himself, his first ride he had to do by himself as I was too big to join him, but he thought it was great. We then went to see the walruses which we remembered that he loved from last time as they came up really close to the glass. Then it was off to see the sharks which he liked and spent sometime watching before we had to drag him off for lunch. After lunch we went to see Shouka the killer whale who was a new exhibit this year so he'd not seen one before. Unfortunately for us she was acting up and not obeying her trainer and got put on a 'time out' which didn't work so they had to cancel the show :-(. Of course Ethan didn't really care & I don't think he realised that he had missed out on most of the show. We then went and watched the tiger show which he thought was pretty cool and wanted to get down off my shoulders so that he could get closer. Then he fed a giraffe, he was one of the few little kids who'd dare put his hand out with food in it - all that hand feeding horses paid off!! Of course he was trying to feed carrot and the giraffe just wasn't as interested in that as it was with the apples that everyone else had. Next we went into the aviary and he tried to stick his hand out for a bird to land on - but fortunately none were interested in doing so (I'm pretty sure that if one had landed on him he would have freaked). Then he did a couple more rides and on the way out we stopped to look at the dolphins that he happily watched for 10m minutes or so.
All in all it was a long but fun day, and Aunty Melody had fun taking care of Jamin for us. Ethan was just a little too small to go on a couple of the rides that he was interested in, but next year he may well be tall enough to go on some of the larger rides.

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