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Thursday, June 3
  Rebecca: the latest 6/2
Yesterday [Tues.] Rebecca was awake a lot, due to a dramatic decrease in the sedatives she has been given. As long as she was still so sedated, she was unable to breathe much on her own above the ventilator, and it was time to get her off the machine. I began my 'shift' about 8pm, planning to stay awhile into the next nurses' shift change. Rebecca had her eyes open, looking around above her, for several hours before going back to sleep. It was during this time that the attatched photos were taken. You can imagine to joy to see her awake and responsive after more than 2 weeks of heavy sedation. However, as one of us would bend over her and talk to her, it was heartbreaking to see [too many times] her eyes get red, and watch a tear or 2 run down the side of her face while she lay quietly and almost motionless. We found it almost impossible to keep back our own tears.

The night was rough for her. She didn't sleep much; her coughing spells, though not near as often or as threatening, were still a serious concern, and she began vomiting again--something we hadn't seen since before she was admitted to the hospital. This is most likely due to the violent coughing action associated with this disease. The vomiting has continued periodically throughout today and this evening. The doctor has ordered a reduction in her 'feeding tube' volume to hopefully help with this.

Because Rebecca's oxygen and CO-2 levels looked good yesterday, and she was breathing above the ventilator at optimistic levels, the doctor decided to go ahead and remove her breathing tube mid-morning today. That went well, and Rebecca has been breathing entirely on her own ever since, with the exception of a little help from the nurses now and then during a difficult coughing episode. Thanks be to God for this extremely important and successful step on the road to recovery!

This morning's x-ray showed that Rebecca's lungs were clear of the sticky mucus from the pertussis and pneumonia infections. And the doctor gave a 'ballpark' estimate of 4-5 more days till Chrisy and Dan can take their darling baby home.

Please keep praying, and thanking God for His healing tough thus far.

Love, Sue

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