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Monday, June 7
  Rebecca: Good News!
Good news! After 3 weeks in the hospital, Rebecca is ready to be moved from ICU to the regular Pediatric ward. They still want to keep her on a monitor to watch the 'numbers' but she is doing so much better.

Rebecca is experiencing some minor withdrawal symptoms--mostly irritability, as far as we can tell. She will squirm, trying to get comfortable, and cry the most pathetic little muffled cry (due to her sore throat from the breathing tube). Only a dose of methadone can calm her and help her sleep.

She had forgotten how to suck, but is doing pretty well with that now. Once she is 'eating' well, and everything else looks good, she will be able to go home. For now, someone is there to hold her most of her awake hours.

[24 hours later]

It is early afternoon, Monday (6/7), and I just returned from an 'all-nighter' at the hospital. Little did I know Rebecca would be moved out of ICU at 5am this morning, but in God's providence, someone was there to go with her. Now that Rebecca is in the Pediatric ward, she will have even less attention from medical staff. It could be a lonely, scary place for such a little child, but we will not leave her by herself. Please pray Rebecca will be well enough to go home very soon, for night watches can be difficult.

She still has the wretched (signature) cough--though not near as often--with some moderate vomiting now and then. But, through these episodes, her oxygen level stays up and she is able to get herself out of it without being 'bagged.' The doctor has ordered her feeding tube to be stopped for awhile now, to allow Rebecca to get hungry enough to begin eating again. If this goes well long enough, we should be able to kiss the hospital good-bye.

As you can see from the photo attachments, Rebecca is looking much better. You oughta see her now!

Thanks again for you love, your concern, and your prayers.

Love, Sue

Chrisy, Dan & Rebecca

Chrisy & Rebecca


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