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Friday, June 11
  Rebecca: Final Update!
--Rebecca was discharged from the hospital earlier this evening, and is now at home, sleeping in her own bed for the first time in 26 days!

--She still has her cough, though not as often, and not near as threatening. This will continue with less frequency and force until it has run it's course. (Remember, in China it is called The Hundred Day Cough!)

--Dan and Chrisy want to sincerely thank you for all your prayers for Rebecca and their family during this difficult time. It has meant so much.

--Please continue to pray for:
Rebecca's complete recovery
Charity, as she readjusts to life at home again
Chrisy, whose health is still under par

We rejoice in the miracle of healing which God has done in little Rebecca's body. We thank Him for His mercy and lovingkindness toward us.

[The attached photo of Rebecca is not new; it was taken before she became ill, and represents how well and happy Rebecca was just before she left the hospital. It's almost like she knew she was finally going home.]

Aunt Sue

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