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Friday, June 4
  Rebecca: Doing better, but. . .
I just got back from the hospital--it's just after midnight, Friday morning. Rebecca seems to be doing better, and she is breathing well. All her 'numbers' on the monitor screen are staying where they should. The main problem she was still experiencing was the vomiting--with AND without the coughing. This made us wonder if there wasn't another reason, perhaps a reaction to a new medication or just a sensitive stomach. She has been taken off her (stomach tube) feedings for now, and is getting liquids through the I-V. Rebecca also got a dose of Phenergan to help combat any nausea she most likely is feeling. That seemed to help.

Another milestone: Chrisy and I had the wonderful experience of holding Rebecca in our arms (Thursday)--1st time in almost 3 weeks! She's still got all kinds of things attatched to her, so it made cuddling a little difficult, but a real pleasure, nonetheless. Rebecca seemed to appreciate being held, too. It was very sweet.

Chrisy had an allergic reaction to something Monday morning--resulting in a case of hives. Although it looked bad, she felt fine until Wednesday night. Then the itching was so intense that she couldn't sleep. But yesterday, after taking some Benadryl and feeling some relief, Chrisy was able to nap awhile. We have no idea where the hives came from. Please pray this will soon vanish, as well as her cold/cough which she has had for quite awhile.

I must get to bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard.
Your prayers are working; keep 'em up!

Thank you. Love, Sue

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