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Monday, June 7
  Pray for Chrisy, too!
I think I mentioned that Chrisy came down with hives on Memorial Day morning. At that time, it looked a lot worse than it felt. However, a couple of days later, she found great difficulty sleeping due to extreme itching from head to toe. Benadryl has given some relief, and some additional sleep. A week later, Chrisy is still bothered by the hives and itching. Besides the possibility of stress causing the outbreak, she thinks it could also be a reaction to the antibiotics she is taking.

Chrisy is also being hit hard with hayfever right now, and a cough that just won't quit. (Could it be a mild case of Pertussis? You bet!) In spite of all this, she is spending long days at the hospital with Rebecca. Please remember Chrisy in your prayers, too.

Love, Sue

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