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Wednesday, June 9
  A letter from Rebecca
Dear Family and Friends,

I am feeling much better. The doctor had me moved a couple of days ago from ICU to the regular Pediatric ward because I was doing so well. It's a little scary here--the nurses don't visit me very often--but my mom keeps me company during the day, and my gramma (Sue) is staying with me all night. Daddy and my other gramma also come visit me when they can. I sleep in a BIG metal crib, and since there is no one else assigned to my room, my gramma, Sue, gets to sleep in the big bed next to me. Unless I start coughing--then Gramma jumps out of bed to help me in case I spit up. I think the doctor might let me go home tomorrow; I'm eating on my own now (without the feeding tube) during the day, and all my vitals are staying where they should be. It will be so good to get back home with my family, and to sleep in my own bed again--you understand that feeling, I'm sure.

I wanted to send you a picture of me so you could see for yourself how good I feel. Thank you for all your prayers for me.

Love, Rebecca

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