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Tuesday, June 15
  Emma Arrived
Emma (Tim's cousin on his Mum's side) arrived today - She is staying with us for about a week mainly to recover from her world tour so far. I think she is really looking forward to plenty of sleep! I picked her up from the Amtrak station yesterday, I had dropped Stu off there, and so I knew exactly where it was downtown which made the pick up reasonably swift. When we got home we grilled her about her family - especially her sisters-in-law as we had no idea what they are like as we have yet to have the opportunity (money!!) to meet them. Emma lasted till about an hour after the boys went to bed - as like me she doesn't want to be accused of being a wuss and going to bed to early!! for those of you interested I will try and let you know what she is up to whilst she is with us. Mainly because I know that due to her lack of connectivity you are all feeling out oof the loop!

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