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Tuesday, June 8
  Dads and Kids Camp out
Last weekend Ethan & I went on the Dad's kids campout & boy did we have fun! By the time I got home on Friday afternoon Ethan had got himself all worked up and was ready to go to what he called "cowboy camp' - probably because that is what Andy goes to in the film Toy Story II. we went to a little place called Sugar pine point in west lake Tahoe. there were 108 of us there from the church with kids of all ages, although I think Ethan was one of the youngest.
Ethan spent most of his time riding his trike, or the one that he borrowed from the Wilsons.
Friday night we had a campfire & songs which at first he didn't want to go to, but after he realised that he knew all the songs he got way more into it.
Sat we had breakfast and games in the morning and then in the afternoon we went to the beach - which was nice and hot - but that lake Tahoe water was freezing!
Then in the evening we had a campfire again and after every song Ethan would jump up and say
"Yay Mr Phil"
and give Phil a big round of applause.
Sun morning was the best though as when he woke up (after a huge lie in) he lay there for a few moments and then gave me a huge grin and said without prompting
"Daddy I love you"
man talk about almost loosing it, that's the first time he's ever told me that, of course I get home and Rachelle tells me that he tells her it all the time, I guess he just doesn't love me as much - I must be a bad Dad then 5 minutes later after I have got him dressed he takes his first ever photo by himself.

we then had church which was done by Tom Tripp one of the Sunday school teachers, which he liked and actually paid attention pretty well. We then came home stopping on the way for lunch at Denny's with the Christiansens.

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