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Monday, May 24
  Rebecca Update
Our little Rebecca is about the same, with little change. We are encouraged now and then to see her breathing a little "above" the respirator setting. She is also able to get herself through an episode of (silent) coughing and choking more often, rather than having the nurses intervene for her. An x-ray taken of her lungs yesterday showed some improvement there, also. Because of the many blood tests required, and the small amount of blood Rebecca started with due to her size, a transfusion was given a couple of days ago. Her color looks much better as a result. Rebecca's body is also becoming somewhat resistant to the constant medication being pumped through her veins; this has warranted higher doses to keep her sedated. We are told that she will later be given methodone, as her body will go through withdrawals from all the morphine she has been on.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

Until next time,

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