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Wednesday, May 26
  Rebecca: Update 5/26
We are encouraged by the small progresses we are seeing. Everyday, Rebecca has a chest x-ray, and each time her lungs appear just a little bit clearer, and she is not having near as many coughing episodes which result in the nurses "bagging" her. But besides that, things remain basically the same, as she is still on the respirator and kept heavily sedated. (She has not opened her eyes for over a week and a half now, nor have we barely touched her [so as not to stimulate her and cause her to begin coughing], and to hold her is completely out of the question.) It does seem that Rebecca is over the worst part now, but, of course, her condition is still very serious.

Dan started back to work this week; it has been hard for him being away from the hospital for long periods, as well as talking to many about the situation--especially to mere acquaintances and co-workers. Although Chrisy remains at Rebecca's side, she now stands vigil for several hours a day by herself. Both are looking forward to spending more time with Charity as Rebecca improves.

We thank God for His sustaining power, and for every breath Rebecca takes. We also thank Him for the equipment, machines, and medicine He has made available in order to keep this child (and others like her) alive, when not too many years ago this would not have been possible.

Please keep praying for God's healing hand upon little Rebecca.

Love, Sue

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