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Saturday, May 22
  Rebecca Myers in the hospital

As some of you may know Rebecca Myers (Rachelle's Cousin's Daughter) has been admitted to the Hospital with pertussis, the following is an update from her Grandma (Rachelle's Aunt Sue) Please keep little Rebecca in your prayers, and encourage her and her family through your comments on the website or by Emailing Aunt Sue.

Rebecca had a rough day and night (Friday) with her monitor numbers. This indicates continued problems with her breathing, CO-2 levels, heart rate, etc. The nurses continue to break up and suction out lots of sticky mucous from her lungs, and this treatment usually always puts Rebecca into a coughing fit in which she has difficulty recovering her breath. The ventilator is still breathing for her, though we watch constantly for the numbers to show that she is doing even a little bit on her own.

Rebecca has been in the hospital (Pediatric ICU) one week now. Most of the time she has been lying on her back. This has resulted in a flattening of the back of her head (her skull still being so soft and moldable). Of course, this will correct itself quickly, but it is still very disheartening to see.

Please pray that there will be signs soon to indicate it is time to begin weaning her off of the respirator. We know, however, this could be awhile, for it is not uncommon for infants in Rebecca's condition with Pertussis to remain hospitalized for 3 or more weeks.

Chrisy and Dan are doing well, considering. The nurses are making sure they get enough sleep and regular meals. Charity is being cared for by her Grandma & Grandpa Myers, her aunts and uncles, and many cousins in Auburn. She hardly has time to miss her mom, dad, and baby sister; she gets so much attention there. We are very thankful for the Myers' extended family.

That's about it. I'm headed for the hospital soon to give Dan & Chrisy a chance to get back to their house and take care of some things there.

Keep sending those prayers heavenward!

Love, Sue

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