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Sunday, March 7
  The Passion of The Christ
OK, here it is - the review that I promised you all ;-). We went to see it last weekend, and first of all this is not a 'date' film, as it is very stomach turning - I bracket it along with "Saving Private Ryan" and "Braveheart" - I've seen it once don't need to see it again, thank you very much! I personally can't see DVD sales doing very well for that reason alone - but I'll probably be wrong about that.

the Movie/Film
Scripturally it seemed very correct ( obviously stuff like Satan walking around in the Garden of Gethsamane is non-literal - but on the whole it drew from the gospels and seemed accurate), this was a good thing and a bad as the portrayal of Christ's punishment was very literal - I only looked away once - the first time that his flesh is ripped off His back - brr just gives me the shivers thinking about it now.

its affect on me.
Well I am glad I waited to write this blog until today, as today my opinion changed. Initially I came out drained and asking myself why I put myself though that. Mainly because everyone had been talking about how it changed them and their walk with Christ and the silence in the theatre during the credits, blah, blah blah blah blah. I didn't notice any of that - there was no silence I didn't feel changed (unless you count a queasy stomach) and with the exception that we had seen a bunch of people from Church there it seemed like a normal movie (in fact too normal people munching on buttered popcorn through it just seemed wrong to me).
when I came out I asked myself if I thought anyone would turn to Christ after seeing that film, and I really question whether they would or not - It certainly didn't make me want to sign up on the spot, the movie really didn't give me a good feel as why Christ did what he did - or what His resurrection means to us. But I was looking for it to say those things - so maybe I just didn't see the forest for the trees. Until today I really felt that it wasn't of positive benefit to me, I didn't feel closer to him and like Braveheart made me acknowledge to myself how evil the English were, this just made me realise how sinful I am, and what Christ had to do because of that. - on a tangent I have always wondered how all those war movies make Germans/Japanese feel, it's kinda hard to feel patriotic when you realise what you (as a country) have done. I guess its human nature to try and ignore and sweep away "your" misdeeds. So I really didn't feel that the film had benefited me.

so what happened today?
well today was the first Sunday of the month which is the week we have communion (bread and wine/grape juice) at church and as Pastor Brian was talking I finally got it. before Communion he goes over why we do what we do (to remember), and why Christ did what He had to do (to take my punishment for me) During this I had all the images of the film going through my mind and that for me finally made it worthwhile. Before that I always tried to imagine it - but it was hard trying to put visuals to what you've heard or read. Finally I now have the images burned permanently into my brain (like hiding under the chair at Blenheim park road after cutting my fringe/bangs with the paper scissors, or hiding behind the curtain after stealing an apple from the fruit bowl between breakfast and lunch, both of which happened before I was 5) Now when I take the time to stop and acknowledge (appreciate just doesn't seem like the right word) what Jesus did for me, and for you, I finally have some kind of understanding what it might have looked like. I don't think I will ever be capable of understanding what it felt like - and if I have the choice I'd like to keep it that way.

so what's that all mean?
Well if you're a Christian I would say go and see it - it won't be fun, but it may help you put things a little more into perspective. However feel free to turn your head when necessary, there will be plenty of stuff you do remember to make up for any parts you miss. If you aren't a Christian, I honestly don't know what you will feel or think about it - I've tried to think about it and in my mind I can't think how or why watching this would make you want to know more about Jesus and why you need to know Him on a personal level rather than just a historical figure level. Over here people have been going off about how great a way this is to bring up the conversation, but I really can't imagine myself using it that way - maybe next Sunday God will show me otherwise ;-), but until he does so, I think that most non-Christians will watch it, and won't understand why Christ did what he did, and will just see it as a blood fest for no good reason, as it is unbelievably graphic.

I've been wrong about lots of stuff most of the time, and I am sure that when I reread this after I have already sent it out to you all, I will question myself as to what I was thinking. Writing this blog helps me to say stuff that I wouldn't normally say to a lot of people, but I have learnt that at the same time I must suck at writing as often the comments I get don't seem to have got the point that I was trying to present!! So I would really like to hear from you all on what you think, either by email, or if you are feeling daring/tech-talented then use the comments system so that others can know your opinion too. I am especialy interested in non-Christians comments as outside of press reviews I haven't heard a thing, although I really haven't made the effort to ask anyone at work if they have seen it or not, and what they think either way so I guess that is mainly my fault.

Hope you all have a good week.

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