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Thursday, March 25
  new wine in old skins
OK I am doing a parallel study of the gospels right now (reading all 4 at the same time and comparing their accounts) Which would of course be a lot easier if the chapters matched up!! Today I read MATT 9;MARK 2;LUKE 5;JOHN 2 and I have a question for you all.
in the discussion about fasting I get the part about not fasting while the groom is present - but i'm not sure I see how the new wine in old skins fits into the explanation?? - who is what? is Jesus the new wine? are we the old wine skins? I'm sorry but I can't see how this explained it all to the people (although you figure if the story is mentioned 3 times in the Bible there must be a good reason that God put it there!) Please help by leaving your comments that way not only I but others will benefit too! If you can't get the comments to work then just email your answer to me and I will put them up for you.

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