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Tuesday, March 2
  follow up
Hmm I have got some interesting comments so far on my previous post - I just had the time to read the first chapter here I'm not sure that I want to retract my statement based just on that (although this being a blog it is technically possible) but I will say that that Chapter seems to be well written and accurate. this is what the Author has to say about his book on amazon

From the Author
Includes Foreword by Kurt Warner, Super Bowl and NFL MVP

"Christianity For Dummies" is a friendly, approachable guide that introduces readers to the Christian faith and Church, putting into everyday language what exactly it means to be a "Christian".

The book is for anyone who is curious about Christianity -- both people who are not Christians and those on the periphery of the Church. However, it is also for Christians who are interested in discovering more about their faith.

To borrow the words of C.S. Lewis, "Christianity For Dummies" focuses the majority of its coverage on "mere Christianity", the core essentials of the Christian faith that all believers, regardless of their background, agree to. At the same time, areas of difference won’t be swept under the table. When debatable topics arise, the book will highlight the differences that exist among various parts of the Church and faithfully represent these positions.

Christians believe that God created all things, including a sense of humor. "Christianity For Dummies" embraces that view as it tackles a traditionally serious topic with the familiar Dummies style of wit and irreverent humor. As it does so, the book strikes an appropriate balance between funniness and a keen sensitivity and respect for the subject matter, such that even the most pious saint can chuckle without finding offense.

About the Author
Richard Wagner is publisher of, a Web-based Christian discipleship magazine. He has more than a decade’s broad experience in church leadership and teaching roles.

Where does this leave me - sheepish about making opinions online without having more facts, and realising that peoples comments really mean something to me! I am going to have to get a lot thicker skinned if I want to continue posting anything about my beliefs. On the bright side I always get a lot more comments about Christian stuff than I ever do on the family things - so at least I know that people read it.

finally people still have issues reading and using the links in the email that gets sent out - so if you want the links to work you will have to go to
you can copy and paste that whole address into your browsers address bar and it should take you there. maybe I should make one of those buttons on the Sinclair-Lee home page to make it your homepage in your browser (I don't really want to do that but at least that way you could get the latest stuff whenever you opened your browser)

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