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Tuesday, March 2
  Christianity For Dummies
this made me smirk, I can just visualise people in Barnes and Noble or WH Smith, hmm let me see what shall I buy today, PC's for dummies, HTML for dummies, hmm no, or maybe C++ for dummies...., no wait I've got it Christianity for dummies that's the book I want.

Is it me or is this whole books for dummies going out of control, I'll admit I don't own one, but I have flicked through a few whilst at the store, and they really don't seem to be an appropriate way to base your whole lifestyle - even the bullet points scare me
"get in, get out info"??????
"tear out cheat sheet"?????

just reading this implies frivolity, and something that its not really worth studying. Bible pah I don't need that I read the dummies book I've got myself covered - and if I decide I don't like it I have instructions on how to get out too!

what do you think?
leave a comment and let me know - especially if you have read the book

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