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Wednesday, February 25
  Shrove Tuesday
OK OK, I know today is Ash Wednesday but yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, and we at the Sinclair-Lee household celebrated by having some friends come over for pancakes - not the american "wodgy" version with syrup on but the english crepe style with lemon and sugar. I got to eat a whole batch before I finally figured out what I was doing ;-). We had a bunch of people invited - I even remembered to invite them in advance rather than the day of!! Unfortunately everyone except the Christiansens got sick at the last minute :-(

the last time we did this was down in Fremont where I made the mistake of inviting people over for pancakes - half of them came expecting american pancakes, only the Welsh, and South Africans knew what they would get to eat!! This time I just invited everyone for dessert and printed off some stuff so that they knew what it was all about.

In conclusion fun was had by all and hopefully with a good reviews from those who did attend more will want to come next year!!
for those of you who were invited and didn't make it, I do know and totally understand why so please don't take this as a dig at you - it was just a bummer not having the pleasure of your presence.

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