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Wednesday, January 14
  so much stuff
Well the beginning of the new year has been eventful - let me give you a quick round up

Ethan:   Started preschool 2x a week for 2 hours - may not seem like a lot to you but it seems like in just the last 2 weeks of it his amount of speaking has increased. He is still jabbering on about nothing or parroting us sentence for sentence, but its words - so I'm excited. Rachelle is excited too - about the break she gets for 2 hours where she only has one kid instead of 2!! Originally the school was going to last for 3 hours a day which was enough time to go somewhere & get something done - but now at 2 hours about the only place she can go is walmart!!

Jamin:   loves books ('buu' like book but without the k), and asks to be read them all the time - of course read is a relative term as it is really more flipping pages and pointing to stuff & naming it. He can also recognise and do the noises for ducks (ugh ugh - sounds more like dog - he can't put the Qua on the front of it) and owls (ooo ooo - again missing the wh at the beginning). He may also be teething again as he seems to fall apart at a moments notice. He is also now a boy and I am doing my best to not refer to him as baby Jamin - what was the qualification to boyhood you may ask. He got his hair cut no more Goldilocks (I think the final straw for Rachelle was his pediatrician asking how 'she' was doing when she came into the examination room)

Stuart:   Who the heck is Stuart you ask - well he's an old boy from the Dukes (alumni from my high school) who is doing a world tour right now and he came and stayed with us for 3 days. I have to admit I didn't really know him but Stan told me he was coming over so I offered him the chance to have a hot meal and warm bed without drunks waking him up in the middle of the night (hostels can get old really quickly) of course he traded it in for "Bob the Builder" and Jamin waking him in the middle of the night instead ;-). He seemed very happy with the deal and last night I dropped him off at Amtrak to catch a train to Seattle. Whilst he was here he got to snowboard (his 1st time) and visit old town Folsom(including the powerhouse), Placerville(main street), and Sacramento (railway museum) - yes I know 'old' is once again relative as it's only 150 years or so, but that is ancient for CA okay!!

finally I have added commenting to the blog. You can click on the comment link below (if you are reading this in your email then click on the the word comment) and let one and all know what you think about the posts. I want some feedback so those of you who never reply or let me know what you are doing here's your opportunity to say something witty in one line rather than sending me an email ;-). Those of you who do write/email, it's much appreciated and is making me feel a whole lot closer to you all even though there are thousands of miles between us.

Gotta go, God Bless

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