Lazy T&R updates
Friday, January 23
A new w/e is coming and of course with it bad weather and sickness. The boys have a cough and cold which they have generously shared with me - so Rachelle is the only healthy one amongst us. It wouldn't be so bad - but now that I have finally started cleaning up the garage I would like to finish - but I am going to end up a total space case on cough medicine instead.
On the good news front we went and bought a new TV to replace the one that had died. So we finally have something that fits the hole in the entertainment centre. It's nothing fancy - no flat screen PIP or anything else & definitely not HDTV, but in my opinion all that stuff still costs way too much money. We'll get the flat screen when they cost $500 not $5000 .
Finally Rachelle is getting into gear for her trip to Pomona for a big horse expo next w/e. It took a bit of prodding by me to get some things done - but now they are Rachelle seems to be looking forward to it.

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