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Monday, January 12
  interesting take on Jesus's Hot or Cold statement
I read the following on Our Daily Bread this morning based on the passage from Revelation 3:14-22

"I like soup when it is steaming hot and a soft drink when it is icy cold. I can't stand either one lukewarm. Jesus has the same attitude toward people who profess to be His children. He detests lukewarmness. He said He wished they would be either cold or hot (Revelation 3:15).

Although some people believe the term cold refers to hostility toward Jesus and the gospel, I don't believe He prefers hostility to halfheartedness. Rather, in His message to the church in Laodicea, Jesus may have had in mind two springs in the region—the hot mineral springs at Hierapolis and the pure cold water springs in Colosse. The hot springs were seen as having healing powers. The cold springs provided refreshment. The Christians in the church at Laodicea brought neither healing to the spiritually ill nor refreshment to the weary. They were lukewarm and of no help to anyone."

it was a piece of information that I didn't know of before - and in my mind it makes more sense than Jesus saying that He wants you to be cold to Him.....

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