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Monday, December 1
Hi all,
well it's been a while so I guess I need to bring you all up to date. I have been informing anyone who will stand still long enough that England won the world cup - obviously 99 percent of the people either didn't know that the RWC was even taking place or if I had already informed them of that fact, didn't know that it was now over ;-).

Jamin is now signing/talking - kinda
he can ask for milk, and knows how to tell us when he has had enough. He also says dogs (he loves them!!)

For those of you who didn't know last week was thanksgiving - and we hosted!! Rachelle was nervous initially, but was fine by the time the event rolled round. She roasted her first Turkey & I thought it was excellent - she thought though that it was just a tad overdone and dry. to see some pictures of the event go here

May God bless you all during this holiday season - and don't forget that Jesus is the reason for it!! (I know that I forget that fact often enough that being reminded doesn't hurt!!)

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