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Monday, December 22
  the run up to Christmas
Tim with his birthday present from Phil
Hi all,
Well its been getting busy in the run up to Christmas, but I thought I would give you all a quick update before I disappear for a week or 2.
Jamin's words are increasing - although often they all kinda sound the same - but mixed with signs he manages to get the message across to us most of the time. He is also eating like its going out of fashion about half an hour after we feed him he will come up to us signing for food!!

Ethan is playing well with Jamin right now. Favourite game of the hour is fox and rabbit - where Ethan is the fox and chases Jamin (on all fours) Jamin thinks its a hoot! We don't know where he came up with the idea - as we didn't teach it to him??

The TV has decided to die - for no apparent reason it now takes 30 minutes or so to warm up during that half hour the picture is black and white and ghosting. This wouldn't be such a huge deal except that a) we just started paying for satellite because terrestrial reception was so bad for us. b) Rachelle needs somewhere to put the boys for 10 minutes to clean up after Jamin!

which leads to something else - Jamin has developed the habit of unpacking EVERYTHING you leave him anywhere & he will empty everything out of cupboards and draws that he can open!

Finally last night I had a surprise Birthday Party - Rachelle organised it for me not a huge event but it was fun to have a bunch of our friends over for the evening - they all brought their kids and they played well by themselves with a relatively small amount of tears. I got beer & wine - hmm what does that say about me??

hope you all have fun this week - and I will try and keep you up to date on the events of Christmas - but I probably won't be around the computer much to be able to do so.

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