Lazy T&R updates
Thursday, June 30
  See Rachelle

There is such a thing as a tickly cough

Wednesday, June 29
  Jamin's a pro commuter now

He can read standing on a train

Tuesday, June 28
  Leeds castle

Which isn't in leeds?

Monday, June 27
  Bethy after a hard day

Apparently touring the cathedral eating fish and chips and them swimming for an hour is exhausting, thanks Davies family!

  Typical americans

Playing tag in front of canterbury cathedral

Sunday, June 26
  Jamin doing his batman impression.

Or at least a shadow of him.

We get worship at Purley baptist today

And it's even songs that the kids know

Burning flies

Apparently a magnifying glass will actually start a flame on a fly if you wait patiently.

Friday, June 24
  Eating hula hoops off your fingers

Another english thing to cross off the list

Thursday, June 23
  Willen lake

We followed the brown signs to Gulliver's land then changed our mind and came here instead

Willen lake

Willen lake

Staff required sounds so much more british than help wanted ;-)

Willen lake

Wednesday, June 22
  On the train to London

Bizzy playing her video game on the way into town. We're doing a few sights today

Jamin and Rachelle

Ethan next to a cab

In the city of London

Ethan got to help in a street show

Heading home

After a long day in London we're finally heading home

On the way into London again to watch the Lion King this time

Changing of the guard

At Buckingham Palace

Monday, June 20
  On the bluebell line train before going to Brighton

We rode a train pulled by a steam engine called Sir Archibald Sinclair!

Fire buckets

Apparently you only need three buckets to put out a train fire.

Dinner is served

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