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Thursday, January 3
  Merry (belated) Christmas

From our house to yours.

  Tips to Help your Child Memorize Scripture
I saw this on a friends blog and thought it might come in useful for us so I am republishing it here - all credit to Nicole on this:

Tips to Help your Child Memorize Scripture:

use a puppet

make a recording

use a visual aid (like a fishing rod for “fishers of men”)

write the verse on balloons

sing it to a familiar tune (do you know how many verses can be sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb?)

draw an illustration (better yet, have the kid draw it)

make a puzzle (print out the verse and cut it up into several pieces...have the kid put it back together)

hide the words on slips of paper around the room

pass a ball from person to person...the ball-holder has to say the next word in the verse

make up hand motions to go along with the words

write it on a whiteboard and progressively erase one word/phrase at a time

Repeat, repeat, repeat...

from:Relevant Reverence

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