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Wednesday, May 23
  2007-05-23 Jamin's Graduation from pre-K

Jamin Graduated from pre-school and is all ready for kindergarten with Mrs Mullen at DSCS. His graduation was pretty funny, as you can tell from the pictures he went out feeling just fine, and then 30 seconds later launched into a pout which lasted the rest of the show. Fortunately Mummy got him over it and we got some nice pictures afterwards of him hamming it up with his friends.

Monday, May 21
  Mother's Day
We went to Redding for mothers day and got some good pics whilst we were there:

Ethan, Jamin & Elizabeth slip & sliding:
the boys did most of the sliding, elizabeth just sat in the way in fits of giggles :-)

A family Photo:
we took pictures after chuch they came out pretty good

  Auburn rodeo

We went to the Auburn Rodeo back in April (Whilst Major Rob was still here). These pictures have been up for a while, but I have been lax in posting them so go take a look at them now. The big highlight for the boys was that they got to ride on a mechanical bull which they thought was very exciting. those pictures are towards the end of the set. Although we had to leave early before the bull riding we had a lot of fun and we will go there again, but this time get there a little earlier so that we can sit on the shady side. From the seating point of view it was probably one of the best rodeos I've been too as there was plenty of shade folsom, cal expo, and red bluff all have really limited shade in Auburn half the stands are in the shade so if we had got there 15 minutes early instead of as it started we probably could have got a seat in the shade.

Saturday, May 19
  2007-05-19 Combs come over to slip & slide

After Ethan's graduation in the morning our friends the Combs came over to play on the new slip & slide, great fun was had by all.

  2007-05-19 Ethan's graduation from Kindergarten

Ethan's graduation was fun and they had a good slide show at the beginning with pictures from throughout the year. Ethan is headed for 1st grade next year and is going at the right speed to maybe manage 2 grades in one year and catch back up with his age group.

Tuesday, May 8
  2007-05-08 Sparkies awards

Ethan graduated from Sparkies this year too here are some pictures of the award ceremony.

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