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Wednesday, January 31
  Car thieves stealing more than your car

From Consumer
Consumer Reports Cars Blog: Car thieves stealing more than your car

Thieves are targeting purses left in the open at gas stations, not just to steal your money, but your identity. The video above shows this theft in action.

To protect yourself, Sheriff Ken Jenne of Broward County, Florida offers common sense advice like

• Roll up your windows
• Lock your doors
• Don't leave keys in the ignition
• Secure your valuables before stopping the car

Interestingly, thieves prefer SUVs, as the increased height gives them more cover when sneaking through the passenger side door.

via consumerist

Thursday, January 18
  Elizabeth's birthday party pictures

Wednesday, January 10
  Unique voicemail
This is a service that I have been using for my voicemail on my cellphone (cingular, t-mobile, verizon only) here's some pros & cons:

different messages for different numbers (based on caller id) (doen either online or in your voicemail)
you can undelete messages! (online)
you can check messages online
you can choose to be told who left you the message before you call your voicemail.
you can choose to 'ditch' a number (they can't record a message for you)

not for the sqeamish to set up, if you have problems right now checking your voicemail get someone who is more technical to set you up. once it's up its transparrent to you, and feasibly you could run it the same way you ran your old system.
a third party is storing your voicemail (but really do you trust your cellphone provider???)

in conclusion I love it, and I am looking forward to being able to assign a unique greeting to withheld caller id's (like "go away mr marketer I don't want what you are selling"

I have 8 invites left if you would like one.

  Welcome to Future Phone
This is a service I have used a couple of times now which lets you call landlines in 40 different countries (including the UK) the quality is fine, though when I used it last year via skype I did get hung up on, but that was probably my skype connection.

my conclusion use it!

via lifehacker

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