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Friday, July 28
  Free advice on how to fix your bicycle: Adjusting your derailleur
I really need to do this.

  Pearls Before Swine
Funy cartoon

Now this is funny!

Thursday, July 27
click here if the player below doesn't work for you. then use the player on woot's site.

okay you may know of woot you may not (they sell one product a day usually at a great price and only $5 shipping no matter how heavy/large it is) well everyday they do a podcast to go with the woot, these can be pretty funny, but this one made me guffaw just a little and I thought I would share

Your daily wootcast Wootcast:

Friday, July 21
  A non-technical explanation of RSS
Here is a site that quickly explains RSS, what it is, how it works, and how to use it. Nice!

  RipIt4Me Official Site - A freeware utility that helps you backup your copy protected DVDs
This is software that you can use to rip and make back-ups of your DVD's before the kids scratch them to death. This particular software is free and can do a literal copy including all the force fed trailers at the beginning. Or you can remove all the dros and just have it play the movie :-)

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