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Thursday, April 27
  Chatter Bug™
the Chatter Bug™ is a device that plugs into your phone and lets you do VOIP calls for your long distance at a cost of $10 a month.

This looks pretty cool, I read about it in a CES report but waited as they couldn't tell me what the pricing rates were for calls to the uk, as my longdistance consists of calls to redding, washington, and the uk it's kinda important to have that part of the equation well I went back to their site as it was the end of the 1st quarter, and they are now quoting the end of the 2nd quarter as the time at which they will do international calls. so this post is more of a place holder than anything else. Once they publish their rates I will probably give it a go.

my only other question that they couldn't answer was does my line have to be DSL ready? As we live 8.5 miles from the exchange DSL will never be an option for us, but there tech support seemed incapable of answering/understanding my question. It's final mark against it is they now have the "as seen on TV" logo on their homepage, which really concerns me that it is a POC

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