Lazy T&R updates
Thursday, February 16
  Top Gear Winter Olympics 2006 - Google Video
I love Top Gear, for me its a great opportunity to listen to English people talk about cars I'll never be able to afford, & how to do ridiculous things with them. About 6 months ago the Discovery channel brought it to America, & I watched it with zeal. Then it got cancelled :-(. Fortunately I got turned on to the fact that they were on Google Video so now I can watch it online during my lunch instead. You gotta love that ;-).

Tuesday, February 14 - Real Estate Search Results
This is a pretty cool site it allows you to look up your address and then compare it to recent sales in the area to give you a guess at what your house is worth. If you have added stuff since you bought it you can add that in too, you can also pick which houses to use in the comparison (ie I removed all those in the gated community as they would skew me high). Overall I'd say it's darn cool, and if accurate then we are doing pretty good on our investment.

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