Lazy T&R updates
Monday, January 23
  Uncooperative blinkers!!
Do you sometimes have to take half a dozen pictures of a group and then have to select the one which has the fewest people blinking in it? A Microsoft Research Group has designed some simple software which will allow you to pick and choose between people in a group shot and then combine all the shots together to create the perfect picture. Nothing that you couldn't do in photoshop, but something free and easy is always preferable. So make sure that you have your digicam set to rapid shots and snap off a bunch, even if one won't work you should be able to combine a few to be successful.

Friday, January 6
  She has arrived

Elizabeth is here
8.4 lb
8/9 apgar score
Mum and baby doing well

Thursday, January 5
  2pm update

Well we were just discussing what might happen ie the drugs didnt work and them they kicked into high gear. Pretty big contractions every 3 min or so.

  In for induction

So this morning we went into the hospital to get rachelle induced. We arrived around 06:20 and she got into her gown and we started on all the questions. I will try and keep you all up to date on the news.

Wednesday, January 4
  Ropes and Poles: Treehouse Step by Step: main page
Ropes and Poles: Treehouse Step by Step: main page

I think I'll read through this before I start on the boys tree house

Tuesday, January 3
  Tuesday morning update

Hi all,
Just got a call from Rachelle to say no change, however we do have an
appointment for Thursday morning to possibly induce her then, otherwise she
will be induced next week on Monday or Tuesday.

Monday, January 2
  The final countdown
Well, Rachelle's due date was on Sunday, and nothing happened, but pretty much over the past week we have had a couple of calls every day asking what's happening.

So I decided that it was a good excuse to get back into this blogging malarky.

Anyhoo, the update as of right now is that Rachelle had cramps last night - but that it wasn't anything exciting (she had the same sort of thing last week and it added up to nothing). She has an appointment with her OB tomorrow, when we will hopefully find out that she has progressed & the that the baby has descended. Otherwise if the news isn't that, then her doctor will tell her when he will schedule an induction for next week.

My bet is for Friday at 23:00 hrs, go ahead and leave your guess in the comments section, the person with the closest guess gets to pick her middle name (just kidding)

So if you want an update go and check the blog for the latest news, and know that an email will be sent when it's done too. I will do my best to not fill your inboxes with a huge number of pictures though ;-)

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