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Friday, January 7
  Oops forgot the New Years eve pictures link
Soz about that I forgot the incredible news years eve party pictures link. So now that's rectified please enjoy!

  New pictures
AtThe Sinclair-Lee Picture Gallery

these include an upload of the photo mosaics that I made as Christmas gifts (including some that didn't get distributed). So if you are feeling left out of the love and have a fancy printer you can print one yourself! - or let me know and I can get them printed on photo paper for you and mailed out.

also check out the new pictures from thanksgiving, Christmas 2004, and a trip to the snow.

Thursday, January 6
Okay I know I don't play a guitar - but this totally appeals to me on the simplistic electronics side. Here is something the size of a guitar pick which you can use to tune your guitar, without having to plug into the guitar. Having watched people tune their guitars balancing, something on their lap as they do it - this seems way easier. in case you don't know how it works as the lights flash at a specific frequency , only when the cord is in the same position in space will the light appear in the same position - pretty slick huh! One of these days I will have a brilliant idea like this and make it for myself market it on ebay and become a thousandaire - but until then I will continue to be impressed by people who have gone before me.

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